Bazile is an earthbound humanoid that affects your central nervous system after prolonged auditory exposure. He resides in Austin, TX and records music in a style he calls "space folk". The first iteration of this sound, The Sojourn of Professor Narducci, elicited comparisons to Beck, Sufjan Stevens, and Ben Folds by buffaBLOG. In the case of his upcoming album, Samba Fiction, the folk aspect derives more from the rhythms and communal nature of Brazilian music and less from the confessional pretense of the singer/songwriter persona (only one track has what could be called "lyrics"). In place of verbal expressions of complex feelings are percussive expressions of simpler emotions like elation and fear. Throw in some mangled violin samples along with his usual Ravel-inspired harmonies and you get a secretive zombie boogie that belongs in a David Lynch movie. Though Samba Fiction is a quiet turn towards the electronic end of the spectrum, it's just as spacey and just as human.
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